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    Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai spirit a boon or bane?

    By Pradeep Kumar , BARIPADA | May 22 | : US aided Pak could wage war against India

    Indian's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehruâ€(TM)s Panchasheel and Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai philosophy proved relevant by PM Narendra Modi during his three-day (May14-16) visit to China to reset Indo-Sino bilateral ties. The tree-nation tour, including Mongolia and South Korea both with dominant Buddhist population and uneasy with China's rise, worried the developed West.

    Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai spirit a boon or bane?

    Modi's China trip was focussed to highlight past cultural relations and convey that India and China need not stay locked indefinitely in strategic rivalry to deny themselves economic benefits. Modi was right as both the nation representing 1/3rd of global population possess huge economic potentials.
    Nehruâ€(TM)s philosophy had immensely contributed to Indiaâ€(TM)s defeat in 1962 Chinese aggression. The Red Army taking advantage of lack of infrastructure, especially roads in NEFA chased and defeated its Indian counterparts at almost every frontier post but Jaswant Garh.
    At a national seminar at Itanagar (9-10 Mar 2012), I had concluded my paper on Voices from the Border and beyond: India's response to Chinese claim on Arunachal Pradesh by advising then Chinese President Wen Jiabao to send a crash message to Rastrapati Bhawan to come by road to Bumla Pass to break the political border and embrace the humanity with Nehruâ€(TM)s Panchasheel and Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai, the spirit Nehru had envisioned to placate USSR-US and unite both the Asian giants.
    If Barak Obama could seek Indian PM Manmohan Singhâ€(TM)s help after American economy collapsed during 2009 global meltdown in which China suffered the worst, why canâ€(TM)t you become another Napoleon Bonaparte to draw a line on your right palm to become conqueror of humanity to rewrite history?
    I would urge Premier Li to accept my advice. President Pranab Mukharjee with PM Manmohan would receive him even at Bumla with 'Vasudhaiva kutumbakam' philosophy, and who knows he could qualify for a Nobel Peace award along with Nehruji (Posthumously), I had written in Godspeed Li, if you want to win! China softens stand on Arunachal Pradesh on 16.05.13.
    I recall Is China a â€~Chameleonâ€(TM) in Asia theatre? written on 15.06.13 and released globally the ANI: "Significantly, as China looks to reset the badly ruptured relations with India after 1962 conflict, Beijingâ€(TM)s 'all weatherâ€(TM) relations with Pakistan were no longer driven by the factor to contain New Delhi, but to prevent the Islamic militancy in Muslim-majority Xinjiang, bordering Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, said Prof Wang Jisi, Centre for International and Strategic Studies director, a widely respected Chinese strategist who worked closely with Chinese leaders including outgoing President Hu Jintao."
    The Look West Policy was framed after China called India 'pushy'. "China must start taking of late 'pushy' India seriously as it has strategically placed itself in the US-China face-off to gain maximum benefits, Global Times, an influential tabloid of Chinaâ€(TM)s ruling Communist Party wrote, after 15th round of Sino-India border talks deferred to suggest to keep it alive to avert a breakdown in ties, reflecting Chinaâ€(TM)s avowed but changing diplomatic strategy after maintaining a tough posture, pursuing an aggressive and deceptive diplomacy against India during post 1962-Chinese aggression decades.
    However, China's maiden attempt to spell out its strategy and plans to secure its interests in the Indian Ocean in its first Blue Book, released at Kunming on 08.06.13, makes a case for China to deepen its economic engagements with the Indian Ocean Regionâ€(TM)s (IOR) littoral states, but stresses that Beijing's interests will be driven by commercial, rather than military objectives. However, it warns that the Indian Ocean could end up "as an ocean of conflict and trouble" if countries like India, the US and China failed to engage with each other more constructively as their interests begin to overlap.
    "Even if India admits Chinaâ€(TM)s massive defence build-up along its border and New Delhi plans to match Beijingâ€(TM)s steps, but North Block has to improve its diplomatic manoeuvring capability with Islamabad now inching towards Beijing after its relations strained with the US", I wrote in Changing geo-political scenario -Tough challenges ahead of India, released by Asian News International on 02.10.11.
    Admitting that China is aggressively building is military capabilities, Defence Minister AK Antony had said: India was negligent in strengthening its capabilities in the eastern sector but has started modernizing its own capabilities by raising Army divisions and upgrading advanced landing grounds to make them operational.
    Though Antony and then senior minister Pranab Mukherjee, had announced matching infrastructures and defence build-up to match that of Chinaâ€(TM)s during their visit to Tawang, the ground realities were far below expectations. Translating the policies to match the changing geo-political scenario was a herculean task as Arunachal, a hilly landlocked state with tough terrain and hostile climatic conditions posed tough challenges.
    Moreover, Pakistan is the most undependable Indian neighbour which after straining ties with the US is moving towards China. Washingtonâ€(TM)s tough stand against its ally Pakistan on the fight against terror has pushed Islamabad to a Catch-22 situation, particularly after the US eliminated al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in an air raid on a building near a Pakistan defence establishment in Abbottabad and asked Pakistan to free the ISI from abetting jihadi terrorists, including US enlisted designated global terrorists, Haqqani Network.
    It is a fact that US and China have been trying to placate Pakistan but India walking a tightrope with its weak-kneed diplomacy to maintain balance for peace in South East Asia. But, if Pakistanâ€(TM)s bilateral, particularly defence ties, with China improves it would pose a serious threat to India as the oft repeated allegation of Opposition BJP that China is encircling India would come true."
    India and China share 3,488 km border touching Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim and Arunachal while Beijing exerts its influence on the military junta in Myanmar which shares 1,643 km border with India. As Pakistan shares 3,323 km border with India, China could use Pakistan Naval bases responsible to protect its 1,046 km coastline along the Arabian Sea that would help its tactic move to encircle and leave India suffocated and sandwiched.
    Pakistan has an avowed policy to disturb and weaken Indian economy and China supplying arms to the powerful terrorist groups to deepen disturbances in the hostile NE India has been established, posing huge challenge to tackle Indiaâ€(TM)s internal and external threats. China and India has been claiming each otherâ€(TM)s territory leading to border row. The dispute stems from Indiaâ€(TM)s allegation that China illegally occupied and controlled 38,000 sqkm swathe of Aksai Chin (claimed by India as its own territory) after the 1962 war. Pakistan ceded 5,180 sqkm of J-K territory to China in 1963.
    India fought three wars â€" in 1962 with China (claiming 3,079 men - 1,383 killed & 1,696 missing), with Pakistan in 1971 (2000 martyrs) and at Kargil, Pak in 1999 (530 martyrs).
    But China, claiming Arunachal, particularly Tawang, as its own territory, the main bone of contention in resolving the Sino-India border tangle, is more than what meets the eyes with the geopolitical scenario in South and South East Asia changing very fast. Despite Chinese Premier Li Kequingâ€(TM)s positive gesture during his first foreign trip to India, believing Beijing would amount to land up in quick sand (In picture). Is South Block maintaining an eagleâ€(TM)s eye? I had wondered then.
    Modi was perhaps the first world leader to influence US to toe â€~Chalein saath saathâ€(TM), a renewed Indo-US partnership for 21st century, but US military aid better situates Pak to wage war against India: Expert, as reported by Times of India on 20.05.15 is a shocking news for Modi, who has to up his ante against US and Pakistant now after successfully using the Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai spirit to woo China.
    With the UN report projecting Indiaâ€(TM)s economic growth to surpass that of China in 2016 with the GDP expected to zoom to 7.7%, Pakistan must be wary of Indo-China closer ties but hopefully Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai spirit could be a boon not a bane.


    35 million children need care and protection: DCPCR chairperson

    ITANAGAR | May 22 | : Around 35 million children in India require care and protection and need to be socially integrated back home, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) chairperson Amod K Kanth said here on Friday.

    "There are ten different categories of children required to be taken care of by government and organisations through Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) 2000," Kanth said while addressing a day-long workshop on JJA (Care and Protection) with special emphasis on ICPS.
    Citing official data, Kanth, who is also the former DGP of Arunachal Pradesh, said that around 27-30 lakh IPC crimes were committed annually in India, of which around 38 thousand relate to children.
    "Out of this, about 3-5 thousand serious crimes are committed by children," he added.
    Kanth, also the general secretary of Delhi-based Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre (JAC) Society further said that after the Nirbhaya incident, where an accused was a juvenile, there was demand from across the country to make necessary amendment in the Juvenile Justice Act to bring down the age of juveniles from 18 to 16 so that trial for serious offender could be done in normal court.
    Stating that the components of ICPS were just an extension of the JJA, the former cop said that component of grants for implementing ICPS in NE states include 10 per cent share by the state government and 90 per cent from the Centre.
    Referring to improper implementation of ICPS in the country, he reasoned that because of low budget, child protection scheme is a low priority in the country.
    "As per the JJA, every district in the country should constitute Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and Child Welfare Committee (CWC).
    The judge for JJBs will be appointed by High Court," he said.
    Stressing on the need to appoint child welfare officer and juvenile welfare officer in each police stations, Kanth said that ICPS is a powerful scheme for the children in need of care and protection which, is integrated with legal process.
    Kanth also expressed concern about the presence of only one child helpline among 20 districts of the state and urged the voluntary organisations to play an important role in implementing ICPS in the state.
    In his address, IGP Nobin Paying outlined the role of police in dealing with juvenile crimes and children who are in need of care and protection.
    Earlier, general secretary of Indian Council for Child Welfare, Arunachal Pradesh unit Mepung Tadar Bage said that in Arunachal Pradesh except for the constitution of JJB and CWCs, the ICPS was not fully implemented.
    "Under the ICPS, Arunachal Pradesh State Child Protection Society was registered during June 2012 but no further headway was made," she pointed out.
    She said, as per the annual report of the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for women (APSCW), CWC of capital complex and Childline Itanagar, there is a growing rise of children in need of care and protection.
    "One the most disturbing and a major violation of child's rights is the practice of child marriage which is a norm in many tribes and groups and continues to be so.
    The total number of child marriage cases as per APSCW from 2011 to 2014 is 49 cases," she pointed out.
    "Although there has been a decline with the prevalent laws and Women Commission at its service the state still has many challenges in ensuring the rights of the child.
    The State Commission for protection of Child rights is appendage to the State Commission for Women," she said.
    "In Arunachal Pradesh child right has been a priority to a certain extent in the field of education and medical facility, however there are many children who still not have the basic rights, a safe home, right to childhood, right to be safe, right to be protected from harm," she added. PTI


    Arunachal's Rewati receives National Florence Nightingale Award

    PASIGHAT | May 22 | : Arunachal Pradesh's own Florence Nightingale Rewati Jeram, a staff nurse at Arunachal State Hospital was honoured with the National Florence Nightingale Award in recognition to her service to humanity by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee on May 12 last.
    Always smiling, soft-spoken, dedicated and ever ready for call of duty, Jeram has served thousands of patients for the last thirty years since she joined as an ANM in 1986.

    Rewati who belongs to Assam is married to a Tagin man from Daporijo Tayi Jeram, Legal Metrology deputy controller, and has three daughters.
    She said that she has always dreamed to be a nurse since her childhood with tales of Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa strengthening her determination to serve the poor and needy, which did not die down even when she got married and joined the ANM Centre at Pasighat, after the birth of her first child.
    "God has rewarded me with a small but beautiful family", she said when asked if she needs any kind of recognition from the society in return of her selfless services.
    Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, was born on May 12, 1820 and the day is being celebrated as International Nursing Day all over the world.
    The National Florence Nightingale Award, established by the Union Health Ministry, is given to the outstanding nursing personnel employed in Central/state/UTs.


    Peace, unity & reconciliation vital for development: Ering

    PASIGHAT | May 22 | : • Ering sanctions a slew of funds at Beging, Pangin, Riga

    Peace, unity and reconciliation are crucial for the development of the eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh, said MP Ninong Ering during his three-day tour to Siang district.

    Ering, who foot-marched to remote villages like Beging, Pangin, Riga and Pangkang-Jorkong amidst warm reception accorded by the villagers, sanctioned Rs Three lakh for maintenance of the hanging bridge at Beging and even inspected the ongoing PMGSY project. At Pangin, he sanctioned Rs 22 lakh for Dere or community hall, at Riga Rs Five lakh for football field development and another Rs Two lakh for drainage system, and at Pangkang-Jorkong he assured to grant Rs 15 lakh soon for Dere and water supply project.
    Spreading the message of living in harmony at all the places, the MP asked the people to enjoy the peace and create a conducive environment for development.
    Explaining the beneficial schemes and projects of GoAP, Ering laid stress on skill development, CM's Universal Health Insurance Schemes and various employment generation schemes and asked all to contribute in their little ways to make Siang a model district. There would be no dearth of funds to make this mission a success, he said and assured to provide all basic amenities on priority. (DIPRO)


    Conglomerates protest against Wak mishap

    AALO/ITANAGAR | May 22 | :
    • ANYA condemns Power department

    Today in protest against the tragic electrocution incident at Wak village that claimed four precious lives a conglomeration of unions, society and associations spearheaded by Paktu Ete Bango sat in a peaceful dharna with posters and banners from 9.30 am-4 pm in front of the DC office here.
    The West Siang DC Pige Ligu, SP Mari Riba and ADC Tamik Talom console the protesters and the aggrieved family members of the deceased.

    Conglomerates protest against Wak mishap

    Expressing profound shock and anguish over the tragic electrocution, the DC disclosed that an in-depth investigation through an enquiry committee, headed by Aalo ADC, is going on and that the HT poles erected along the cultivation fields will be shifted to an appropriate location soon.
    He also sought the cooperation of the people to maintain peace and tranquility during the shifting so that such kind of incidents do not reoccur in future.
    DIGP LH Chanlian is taking stock of the law and order of the situation.
    Bene Wak Action Committee, Paktu Ao Youth Welfare Association, All Aalo Welfare Association, Pushi Bango Welfare Society and Studentsâ€(TM) Union, Ori Welfare Society, District Mahila Congress Committee, APWWS Aalo unit and others participated in the dharna. (DIPRO)
    Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal spokesperson Geli Ete also participated for the early arrest of all the officials and employees of Power department and BRO West Siang district, a release said.
    Extending solidarity with the family members of the victims, APCSD chief organizer Kipa Kaha urged the district administration to take stern action against those responsible for the incident.
    Meanwhile, All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) in a release vehemently condemned the carelessness displayed by the Power Deptt and the authorities concerned that caused the electrocution and death of four precious lives in the Wak village recently.
    ANYA president Biri Kakum appeal to the GoAP to take serious measures and punish the erring department and officials so that such sad incidences do not repeat itself.
    He further said that the EE concerned and his fellow officers should be terminated for showing such carelessness in monitoring the setting up of electric poles, wiring etc., adding that ANYA appeals to the denizens of the state to take effective precautions and even in the fields to avoid such mishaps.
    Appealing to the District Magistrate and GoAP to look into the issue of overflowing of illegal migrants in the state without any valid ILPs, ANYA said that if no action is taken then it would be compelled to take its own measures to curb the menace, as people ranging from beggars to thieves were flooding the state and Capital Complex in particular.


    Encroached land handed over to the school

    NAMSAI | May 22 | : In an eviction drive, 2000 tea saplings and the bamboo fencing erected by encroachers on school land at Solungtoo-II under Lathao Circle were uprooted and handed over to the School Management Committee (SMC) by the district administration here today.
    While handing over the land, the district administration advised the SMC to dig boundary trenches around the school land and keep the land protected for the benefit of the school children.

    The eviction drive was carried out by ADC-cum-Estate officer NM Das, Lathao CO-cum-executive magistrate Ribi Karlo and assisted by APP personnels led by Namsai Police Station SI.
    The drive started at 11 am and completed by noon in presence of GB, public leaders, PRI leaders and SMC, according to an official release. DIPRO

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    RKMH creates landmark with arthroscopic surgery

    ITANAGAR, May 22, 2015: Rama Krishna Mission Hospital achieved another milestone in bringing quality service to patients of the state when Dr. Lenin Ligu successfully operated two patients for arthroscopic reconstruction of their torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of knee at RKMH here, a release said.
    Arthroscopic surgery of the knee, which is available at few hospitals in Guwahati, is a procedure in which surgeon makes two or three very small key holes in knee and performs operations looking at a TV monitor.

    ACL is one of the most common ligaments to get injured in contact sports and costs around 1.5 â€"Two lakh in big hospital in metro cities but in RKMH the patients could avail this service at much lesser expense.
    Recently, Sr Ligu had also conducted a â€~Balloon kyphoplastyâ€(TM) surgery in which a needle is introduced inside vertebra with the guidance of x-ray, collapsed boneâ€(TM)s height is restored by inflating a balloon, and bone cement is introduced for internal splinting.

    New catfish discovered in Arunachal

    ITANAGAR, May 22, 2015: A new species of catfish â€~Glyptothorax Mibangiâ€(TM) has recently been discovered from Arunachal Pradesh by a team of ichthyologists headed by Rajiv Gandhi University Prof. Debangshu Narayan Das and comprising of Dr. Achom Darshan, Rashmi Dutta, Akash Kachari, and Budhin Gogoi.

    The team discovered the new specie in the Tisa river flowing through Longding district and the team deposited and preserved it in RGU Museum of Fishes (RGUMF), Doimukh and has been named after the university's vice chancellor Prof. Tamo Mibang, whose patronage has continuously been extended to freshwater fish research and conservation in eastern Himalayan region of India.
    The details of the discovery have also been published in ZOOTAXA, a New Zealand-based mega-journal for zoological taxonomists in the world.

    'Open IG park road to ease traffic'

    ITANAGAR, May 22, 2015: Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) advisor NL Togu, in a memorandum, to the chief secretary has requested him to direct the competent authority to open the IG Park road from 8 am-6 pm on weekdays till the completion of the bridge of Abotani Colony here to ease the traffic.

    The construction of the bridge the road was closed for traffic and the other road connecting to Niti Vihar via Division IV culvert junction was in a pathetic condition, making most commuters dependant on the National Highway thereby making the traffic terrible, especially during the peak hours, he informed.
    Opening of IG Park road would ease the traffic and be a great relief for the commuters especially the office staffs, he said.

    Youth organizations to continue stir against fiscal crisis

    By Staff Reporter , ITANAGAR, May 22, 2015:
    • 'Will appeal to Rajkhowa to take suo moto action against CM'

    Youth organizations namely Youth Organization Movement of Arunachal (YOMA), Arunachal Youth Organization (AYO) and Save Arunachal Youth Association (SAYA) have resolved to continue its agitation against the financial crisis with a peaceful protest rally on Jun 2 next after the swearing-in ceremony of the new governor.

    Addressing the media in a press conference here today, the representatives of the youth organisations vociferously criticized the All Arunachal Contractors' Welfare Association-led Joint Action Committee's (JAC) decision to momentarily retract its earlier demands following a meeting between JAC members and various Congress MLAs.
    Demanding the declaration of financial emergency and implementation of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, the three organisations today reiterated the demand for Chief Minister Nabam Tuki's resignation and alleged him of being entirely "responsible for the entire financial mismanagement".
    They also demanded that an investigation on the issue should be carried out by the CBI and a central vigilance commission and would appeal to the new governor JP Rajkhowa to take suo moto action against the CM.

    KGBV in shackle due to delayed salaries, stipends

    HUNLI, May 22, 2015: Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidalaya (KGBV) is in shackles due to delayed salary and stipend for the past four months that has put the future of 100 students at stake.
    All Arunachal Pradesh Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidalaya Teachers' Association had pleaded to the GoAP for immediate release of their payment as the reopening date of the academic session knocks the door, which is now just a week away, said Roing KGIHE secretary Komini Meto in a release.

    On Jan 29, 2014, GoAP had released Rs 29 crore for SSA that rasied hope that the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development would soon release the remaining share of Rs 175 crore meant especially for salary of teachers of SSA and KGBV besides other SSA programmes. However, that did not happen, he said.
    "The SSA and KGBV teachers' salary would be released after the receipt of the Central share which is expected in the month of Feb next," the chief minister had assured and even observed that it was imperative on the part of GoI to change the salary norms for KGBV teachers serving in tough and inhospitable terrains of the state.
    The present financial crisis that the state is facing should not at any cost make financially disadvantaged children as the scapegoats, he said, adding that any excuse to deny the channeling of funds to the children is not less than clouding the ray of hope that they have from the GoAP.
    Asking the GoAP to release the funds for salary and stipends for the teachers and students, he said that the Govt. is a father figure to every child and so it should act to ensure that no jeopardy lies in the way of their future.

    Codification of tribal customary laws is a must: Mithi

    ROING, May 22, 2015: Codification of tribal customary laws is a must to maintain uniformity in delivering justice in all places equally, said MP Mukut Mithi during a seminar on 'The role and importance of GB and Banggo secretary' at musup in Bolung village today.
    He was attending the as chief guest organised by the Kundung Banggo Gaon Burah Kebang at Bolung Musup.

    Saying that Arunachal Pradesh is a multi-tribe state with all tribes having a different customary law, way of thinking and action that may even lead to conflicts, he said that but it is the customary laws that have proved to be very effective during such conflicts and emphasized on preserving and enriching the customary laws.
    Informing that the Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation Act, 1945, which is enforced since the British Govt. empowered the GBs with administrative, judiciary and policing powers, he said that it should be preserved and strengthened further.
    Former MLA and pioneer of 'Adi Kebang Ayon' Bassu Perme speaking as a resource person on the topic 'Traditional kebang (Community Meeting) systems and its inception and evolution with reference to Adi Kebang System' opined that preference should be given to customary Kebang system rather than directly knocking at the door of courts as it was more reliable, impartial and an affordable system of justice delivery.
    ABK, LDV Unit general secretary Abu Saring gave a deliberation on 'Impressive note on traditional village administration system and role of GB and Banggo secretary and its influence with special reference to village administration system of Adi' while legal expert advocate Atet Pertin dealt on 'Comparative analysis on Adi traditional kebang proceeding and court (legal) proceeding and its merit and demerit with special reference to criminal case proceeding and judiciary'.
    Adi Cultural & Literary Society general secretary Martin Lego spoke on â€~The necessity to recognise the GB and Banggo secretary systems of Adi with its power and functions in the field of justice, social, economy, cultural, religion, political and traditionalâ€(TM) and central ABK vice president Getom Borang on 'Adi Kebang Ayon and local law in Arunachal Pradesh and ABK perspective on it'.
    LDV District Unit president Mibom Pertin, Kundung Banggo secretary Jowar Moyong, and Organizing Committee chairman Ojing Kartek also spoke.
    Earlier, Mithi inaugurated the Adi Council Hall at Bolung funded under MP(RS) LAD Fund in the year 2013-14 which was followed by planting of avenue saplings.
    ZPC Sipi Elapra Linggi as guest of honour, Roing SP Rajneesh Gupta, IMCLS president Inju Linggi, former ZPC Chiliko Meto, all GBs, Banggo secretaries, PRI members, public leaders and village elders of Kundung Banggo were present. (DIPRO)