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    Centurion Pasighat puts Arunachal GoI radar

    By Pradeep Kumar , ITANAGAR | Aug 03 | : With road, railway and air communication to Centurion town of Pasighat being developed fast, the famous cane-bamboo hanging bridge over the mighty Siang, shown by Siddharth Kak in famous DD serial Surabhi, would be a passé soon.

    Centurion Pasighat puts Arunachal GoI radar

    Pasighat is the land of the mighty Siang and indigenous hanging bridges, round cane rings, swinging strings, shattered wooden pavements dangling above the mighty Siang makes it a picture perfect moment of thrill and adventure. Thus, had drawn the attention of Kak as a unique mode of communication in this Himalayan state.
    With its scenic splendors, Pasighat, the HQs of East Siang district, state‚Ä(TM)s oldest town, founded in 1911 AD by the British as a gateway to administrative convenience of the greater Abor Hills, once known as the educational and political hub of Arunachal Pradesh, has been recommended to be considered by the Centre under its Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme, launched by the GoI to develop 100 Smart Cities. The decision was taken recently in a meeting here chaired by Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi.
    Though Pasighat was selected for shifting NEFA‚Ä(TM)s its capital from Shillong because of various infrastructural development in the whole of the state as one of the main reasons, which lost the privilege for various reasons and then Lt Governor K A A Raja decided to set up the temporary capital at Naharlagun to be shifted to Itanagar as permanent one despite the rejection of Survey of India because of its loose soil condition.
    Pasighat is connected with road and have frequent services from Guwahati, Lakhimpur or Itanagar. Waterways crossing river Brahmaputra from Dibrugarh by ferry to Oryamghat, 32 km off Pasighat and can take a bus or taxi while Murkongselek, is the nearest rail head, terminal station of Rangia-Murkongselek, 26.5 km away from Pasighat, whose socio-economic survey was conducted for extending the railway line and land acquisition process is one. This was one of the two major rail projects in NE announced in 2010 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Interestingly the engineering-traffic survey for the Pasighat-Tezu-Parshuram Kund was also conducted by NR Railways.
    The advanced landing ground is scheduled to completed by December next to facilitate direct air link and the under construction Bogibeel bridge project over the Siang, about 100 Km away from Pasighat on completion by 2017 would boost the road connectivity. Moreover, the Defence Ministry has identified four strategic lines along India-China border - Missamari-Tenga-Tawang (378 km), Bilaspur-Manali-Leh (498 km), Pasighat-Tezu-Rupai (227 km) and North Lakhimpur-Bame-Silapathar (249 km), MoS or Railways Manoj Sinha said in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha which aimed at constructing 1,352 km strategic railway lines along the China border.
    The township which marked 100 years of its existence in January 2011, has a rich history as Pasighat emerged due to the last Anglo-Abor War that was fought in 1912 subsequent to fourth Anglo-Abor War in 1894. This necessitated the first ever administrative HQs being set up there with an assistant political officer posted. In the post-independent Era, Pasighat is credited with the first airfield (near Paglek) set up in 1946, state‚Ä(TM)s first Agricultural Institute set up in 1950, state‚Ä(TM)s second General Hospital set up in 1954 (though some claim it as old as the town itself), Co-operative Society Ltd in 1957, state‚Ä(TM)s first College - Jawaharlal Nehru College set up on 04.07.1964, state‚Ä(TM)s first ever All India Radio station in 1966, College Of Horticulture and Forestry Central Agriculture University set up on 07.03.01 and state‚Ä(TM)s Govt Nursing Training Institute inaugurated on 21.09.14.
    Pasighat is located at an average elevation of 153-m, experiences tropical humid climate during summer and dry mild winter, receives heavy rainfall every year during monsoon season starting from May until September as surrounded by high hills, winter is marked by cold dry local seasonal wind which blows throughout the winter contributing to make it fog-free even in winter.
    The Brahmaputra emerges from the foothills under the name of Dihang or Siang. It enters India as Dihang, west of Sadiya town in Arunachal Pradesh. Flowing south-west, it receives its main left bank tributaries, Dibang and Lohit, thereafter, it is known as the Brahmaputra. Then it races across the Pasighat (north of Assam) heading for the Assam plains as the mighty Brahmaputra, the only male river in India.
    My only caution is the Pasighat needs to have an effective flood monitoring system as the state would never forget the June 9, 2000 deluge when the Siang water level rose suddenly by 30m inundating almost the entire town when the people were asleep because of sudden collapse of an artificial blockage in Yarlung Tasngpo in Tibet, creating a never seen before such a catastrophe. With China beginning to ‚Ä~damming‚Ä(TM) the mighty river such precaution would be highly essential. China has already built a 540MW project at Zangmu in 2014, others planned at Gyatsa, Zhongda, Jiexu and Langzhen.
    Agriculture is the main occupation of local people with rice is the main food crop produced in the area and state‚Ä(TM)s first Food Corporation of India‚Ä(TM)s procurement centre was set up there. Agriculture, horticulture and tourism continue to be the main source of economy for the town.
    Pasighat is predominantly inhabited by the Adi people, has also very rich culture and boasts of the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, 13 km away, the archaeological site of Malinithan, 100 km, in neighbouring West Siang district is linked to the legend of Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmini. The dismembered head of Sati (Parvati) is said to have fallen at nearby Akashiganga, according to ancient Hindu myths while Komsing village, on the left bank of the Siang, bears testimony of the patriotism of Arunachalees as captain Noel Williamson, political agent of the British Raj & his doctor companion were carrying the message of the death of King Edward VII to the tribal chiefs, but he was murdered on the spot on 31.03.1911 as Williamson‚Ä(TM)s grave in the village still has its original stone inscription and a more recent brass plaque and Kekar Monying, A mountain cliff near Rottung is an important historical place because it was here that the Adis put up a strong resistance against the British in 1911. The war was a part of a punitive expedition undertaken by the British for murdering Williamson.


    Priest felicitated to rekindle Guru-Shishya tradition

    ITANAGAR | Aug 03| : Rekindling the Guru-Shishya tradition, Vivekananda Kendra Aryunjoyti conducted Guru Purnima in various prayer centres throughout the state this year.
    The day is celebrated on the eve of birthday of Maharishi Ved Vyas, who had collected and compiled the voluminous store of knowledge of indigenous faith discovered by seers over the ages, and started the great tradition to preserve and protect it and had considered father of the family as Guru at a micro level.

    Papumpare DDSE TT Tara, speaking at Doimukh central Nyder Namlo, highlighted the importance of the day while senior citizen Nabam Atum felicitated revered priest Techi Rintu of Rono village Nyeder Namlo and Tana That of Kheel Nyeder Namlo.
    Revered priest Tadar Sonu was felicitated by Kalyan Dutta, Mahanagar Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra, Capital Complex and Taba Tatup, Prant Karyalaya Pramukh at Pachin Colony Nyeder Namlo for his remarkable contribution in the welfare of state‚Ä(TM)s people.
    This is a day to express our gratitude and commitment to the guru for carrying forward our culture vibrantly with the vision ‚Ä~Let us make the whole world noble‚Ä(TM), said Dutta.
    Priest Mananiya aka Gyamar Deriang was felicitated by central Nyedar Namlo chairman Rekhi Tana Tara at Naharlagu Nyeder Namlo.
    Priest Dur Talo Camdir was felicitated at Hollongi Nyeder Namlo.
    Chanting of prayers by priest Tamak Komut marked the celebration at Donyi Polo Gangging here where NSS state liaison officer Dr. V N Sharma felicitated priest Taabe Mukge Tayeng.


    Tezu faces worst power crisis

    From Bishnu Rana , TEZU | Aug 03 | : ‚ÄĘ Dhuranalah & Tafragam MHS still defunct

    This district HQs town still gripped by power crisis with the denizens experiencing sweltering because of scorching heat while the 3x100 KW Dhuranalah Micro Scheme-I (DMS) and 2x100 KW Tafragam-II remain defunct.
    The 132 KV line under construction to supply power to Lohit from central power grid but the hydropower department (HPD) has failed so far to make Dhuranalah MHS functional.

    Despite spending crores of funds to replace old Joyti model turbine to Toshiba hi-tech turbine generation, the outcome is still negative, rued a Tafragam local citizen and wondered the fund has gone.
    The entire scheme is nothing but an eyewash, alleged another local.
    'The turbines are in derfucnt since the day of installation and Tafragam turbine which used to generate 100 to 150 KW reduced its generation to 50 KW after major repair that cost around crore, claimed another local.
    Both the MHS phases covering Changliang, Dhuraliang, Tafragam, Tezugam, VKV Tafragam and parts of Koloriang villages, meets supplies to the VIPs, district hospital, IGG College, DC/SP office, GHS School, power street lights here but regrettably 30 to 40 KW of generated by Dhuranalah MHS was too inadequate to meet the crisis.
    Contradicting the HPD claim of less water discharge, another concerned citizen pointed out that the water discharge was about 1600 litres, sufficient to run the triplet synchronized Toshiba turbines during rainy days and also second phase of Tafragam MHS.
    Both Duranallah and Tafragam hydel stations are funded by Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The HPD has received Rs. 402.63 lakh (including state share of Rs 90 lakh) and Rs 282.70 lakh (state share Rs 56.26 lakh) for Duranallah and Tafragam hydel projects respectively.
    Unfortunately the plant is yet to be made functional. There was bursting of sluice valve earlier but replaced and the complaint of heavy leakage of pipes in many places is bogus, asserts the source.
    Power JE Y N Pathak informed that the powerhouse here receives only 30 to 40 KW from Dhuranalah MHS, which was meager and posing challenge in power distribution besides inviting public wrath.
    Though 33 KV power is drawn from Kothaljuri in Assam but during peak summer the power demands goes too high. The breakers, transformers, live wire gets snagged at various locations disrupting the normal power supply.
    "We don‚Ä(TM)t have any option to upgrade the present power line to draw 4 MW of power from Assam as discussed with Assam counterpart to revamp the power scenario in Lohit, which is a costly affair," the JE said.
    However, local MLA Dr Mohesh Chai in the recently concluded Assembly session had raised the chronic power scenario of Lohit and the non-functioning of both projects. But Chief Minister Nabam Tuki had assured to look in this matter to restore power supply by taking up with the power developers soon.


    Wind energy stations identified for GoI to fund

    NEW DELHI | Aug 03 | : The GoAP had proposed 50 Wind Monitoring Stations to carry out feasibility study for wind hybrid projects in border areas during the meeting "Orientation Programme on Wind Resource Assessment and Review Meeting on Renewable Energy for North Eastern States" held on April 24 last at Shillong.

    The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India after a detailed discussion has agreed to provide 10 new Wind Monitoring Station at height of 50 meters / 80 meters initially for installing wind mast in selected locations. The Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA) is preparing the proposal with details of site and geographical co-ordinates of each site with 80m x 80m area, duly secured to install the wind mast and equipments.
    The sites which have been identified are Keba & Dipu Nallah in L/Dibang valley; Pobe, Jambo Gobuk villages at Upper Siang; Nyapin, Sarli and Sangram at K/Kumey; Chambang & Old Palin in Kra Daadi & Yakung in Anjaw district.
    The proposal will be submitted by the APEDA to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy before Aug 15 next. This will be pursued by the undersigned in the Ministry and National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai for early approval and sanction. The wind monitoring stations will be established by National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai with the help of APEDA.


    Cabinet urge to APSDC to finalize annual plan

    ITANAGAR | Aug 03 | : GoAP has decided to constitute a Arunachal Pradesh State Development Council (APSDC) in place of the existing State Planning Board.

    In a cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Nabam Tuki here this afternoon, it was approved that the State Planning Board which used to approve the annual operating plan (AOP) would be replaced with the SDC, which shall be chaired by the Chief Minister with the Council of Ministers as members. The chief secretary, development commissioner (Plg/Fin) shall be permanent invitees to the meetings of the Council. The chairman of the SDC may invite in writing from any other government official / eminent personalities working on a specialized field/profession or any subject specialist in the meeting of the Council, if necessary. The SDC will be assisted by the planning department through secretary (Planning).
    The main functions of the SDC shall be to approve the state annual development agenda (SADA) to be prepared by the Planning department; Chairman of SDC shall hold sectoral meetings for finalization of the Sectoral Annual development Agenda. The Sectors shall make detailed presentation before the Council for approval; to monitor and review the progress of major development activities in the State from time to time and suggest ways and means to overcome difficulties in this regard. The monitoring shall primarily be outcome based; and to suggest major policy initiatives / programmes / schemes / projects related to development activities in the State.
    The Cabinet also held discussions on constitution of Cabinet Committees as announced in this year‚Ä(TM)s Budget to oversee and carry forward the aims and targets highlighted in the budget. These are Cabinet Committee on Employment Generation and Social Empowerment, Cabinet Committee on Agriculture & Allied Sectors and Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure. It was decided that the Chief Minister will be the chairman of all the committees with ministers of the concerned departments as members. The Home Minister will be a permanent member of all the three committees.
    The Cabinet Committees shall monitor progress and remove bottlenecks from time to time on the sectoral agenda approved by the State Development Council. The Committees may meet as and when required but at least once in a quarter and primarily act towards the convergence of departments in achieving the larger goals set in the sector. All the three Committees will be serviced by the Secretary (Planning) or his representative and the Planning Department will provide necessary secretarial assistance, according to a release.


    Taloh opens B.Ed college

    By Staff Reporter , ITANAGAR | Aug 03 |: Education Minister Tapang Taloh today inaugurated Donyi Polo B.Ed College at Itanagar in presence of Director of Higher & Technical Education Dr Tejum Padu, Deputy Registrar Dr David Pertin, RGU and State Liaison Officer Dr VN Sharma.
    Speaking on the occasion, Tapak asked to produce good students and expressed the need of good teachers and quality education as such, the teaching community should be well qualified and experienced.

    In the era of 21st century we are marching ahead in the educational scenario of the state. With this, the total B.Ed College in the state goes to seven. Moreover, I am sure that the teaching community and students from the Itanagar Township will naturally be benefited from the opening B.ed College.
    'Arunachal state is preparing for global education. This is the high time to meet the global education. Since the Arunachal based Rajiv Gandhi University, where there is pushing and pulling to get an admission in the B.ed stream', says Taloh.
    'Donyi Polo B.Ed College has been recently established under the umbrella of Society for Women Welfare activities and Training (SWWAT) and the said NGO is proposing to establish few more B.Ed College in the state', said Executive Director Takar Jamoh.


    Felix visits proposed film and TV institute site

    ITANAGAR | Aug 03 | : The blueprint for the much anticipated state‚Ä(TM)s Film and Television Institute (FTI) witnessed preparation in full swing with participation of hundred of locals from Rakhap Jollang area in clearing of jungles covering 50 acre of its proposed site at Jollang (Jote) in Papum Pare district.
    The clearance of the area has been carried out to facilitate the early preparation of DPR for establishment of FTI site.

    Felix visits proposed film and TV institute site

    IPR Parliamentary Secretary Bamang Felix, who is keenly monitoring the progress, accompanied by IPR officers, visited the site again today to oversee preparation and expressed satisfaction over the active co-operation of local people who have besides donating the land free cleared the entire 50 acre area voluntarily.
    Felix exhorted the locals to extend continuous support foe early establishment of the FTI, which will not only open up scope for development in the region but also boost self-employment and economic activities in the area.
    Presently boundary pillars are being erected while the contour map of the site is also being prepared.
    It may be mentioned here that despite stiff competition from other North East states for speedy establishment of the FTI. (DIPR)

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    AKKDSU demands resurvey

    KOLORIANG , Aug 03, 2015: The All Kurung Kumey Districts Students‚Ä(TM) Union (AKKDSU), in a memorandum to Kurung Kumey DC, has requested to cancel the earlier survey conducted between Chainage No. 138 to 158 km along Joram-Koloriang road and conduct re-survey as the earlier survey conducted during 2009-10 was not as per actual alignment and the actual affected persons were also not included in the same.

    Kalam's death mourned

    ITANAGAR, Aug 03, 2015: The officers and officials of Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission today deeply mourned the sad demise of former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and observed two minutes silence to pray for eternal peace of the departed soul.

    Chief Information Commissioner Y.D. Thongchi, termed Dr. Kalam a great statesman, and ideologist, who wanted to inculcate scientific temper among the young generation to make India number one country in the world by 2020 and termed him a recalled the great contribution, according to an official release.

    SBA held to keep Dengue at bay

    From Our Correspondent , PASIGHAT , Aug 03, 2015: Along with the health department, the BJP district unit and Tribal Development Foundation (an NGO dealing with high risk group within the district), organized a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) at Gumin Nagar tourist lodge here on Saturday to keep surrounding environment clean and prevent spread of dengue epidemic.

    BJP leaders Tamat Gamoh, Daniel Mibang and Obit Tamuk, speaking on the occasion, said foreign and domestic tourists often visit the lodge which should be kept clean and tidy and East Siang DMO consented to their plea to intensify fogging operation.
    TDF East Siang unit members led by programme officer Toggul Gamnoh, Ward No. 11 councillor Sobo Pertin also joined the drive while PMC chief councillor Denong Tamuk visited the site.

    Physical attack on AIR staff flayed

    ITANAGAR , Aug 03, 2015: The Theravada Buddhist Society (TBS) has condemned the physical attack on its senior member C C Manlong, AIR senior programme head by three unknown miscreants on early hours of Sunday causing grievous injury. The three men forcefully entered his official residence at AIR colony here and committed the heinous crime. The victim is a head priest of Vivek Vihar Theravada Buddhist Temple here.

    Such barbaric attack on pious man, a priest, who always wishes good for mankind is highly condemnable. The TBS request District Administration and Capital police to book the culprits and deliver early justice.

    AKKDSU demands resurvey

    KOLORIANG , Aug 03, 2015: The All Kurung Kumey Districts Students‚Ä(TM) Union (AKKDSU), in a memorandum to Kurung Kumey DC, has requested to cancel the earlier survey conducted between Chainage No. 138 to 158 km along Joram-Koloriang road and conduct re-survey as the earlier survey conducted during 2009-10 was not as per actual alignment and the actual affected persons were also not included in the same.

    Meanwhile, the AKKDSU also urged the DC to award exemplary punishment to the person accused in minor rape case and also urged the magistrates to not grant bail to the culprit.
    Inadequate punishment to such criminals was increasing heinous crimes for which the culprit should be dealt with an iron hand as per the provision of the IPC to prevent such incidents in near future.

    APCTC training ends

    NAHARLAGUN , Aug 03, 2015: The five-day training programme on accounts, organized by Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Training Censure in its office here in association with National Council of Cooperative Training (NCCT), with the participation of 25 registered cooperative societies of Papum Pare district took part, concluded today.

    Aimed at setting a definite target and make a realistic plan to boost state‚Ä(TM)s cooperative movement, APCTC principal Techi Kaku, lecturer Nosar Ronya former lecturer D K Deb as resource persons.

    Guru Purnima celebrated

    ITANAGAR , Aug 03, 2015:

    The festival of Guru ‚Ä"Shishya was celebrated across the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The main function in general was celebrated at Kali Mandir, P Sector; Itanagar, where large number of believers of Sanatan Dharma gathered. Puja Yachana was also done during the festival. The Bharat Sevasangh initiated the function. A community feast was honoured to every guest and in evening, the classical programme was the main attraction where the famous artist from Orissa performed the numbers. The guests were fully entertained through the program.
    The Guru Purnima festival were also celebrated at Donyi Polo Gangging, (a place of worship by the people of Donyi Polo Religion) Museum Colony, Itanagar, where the believer of Donyi-Polo religion performed their rituals. Dr V N Sharma State Liaison Officer, Education Dept. attended as Chief Guest of the program. ‚Ä~The Guru Purnima is celebrated on the eve of the birthday of Maharishi Ved Vyash who have competed the in-depth knowledge of indigenous faith of the country (Sanatan Dharma ) and started Gurukul as a single Unit like father as a Guru and son as a shishya. Therefore, the entire Priest was honoured on the special occasion everywhere on this day‚Ä(TM), said Sharma.
    Central Nyder Namlo at Doimukh also observed the very day where Deputy Director of School Education, Papum Pare T T Tara attended as Chief Guest and later he felicitated the Priest.
    With the rest of the state, The Pachin Colony Committee, Naharlagun Hollongi (Balijan Circle) and from different parts of the District and state reported regarding the Celebrating being celebrated.

    Richo launches APB & OCWWB website

    ITANAGAR , Aug 03, 2015: Launching of website and presentation of CESS Leakage Management Bu Org., Kolkata, India was inducted at hotel PYBSWS by the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee, President Padi Richo along with MLA-cum-Chairman Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board ( APB & OCWWB) Nyamar Karbak.

    ‚Ä~We are marching towards paperless governance, said Richo, while launching the website of APB&OCWWB at a city Hotel today. He recalls his contribution in constitution of the said Board and his tenure as Chairman of the Board trying to implement many welfare schemes for the welfare of the workers and state as a whole. He was happy to say that, still the present Chairman seek guidance and suggestion from him. ‚Ä~The revenue collected through cess would be much higher if systematic way in which BSNL, GREEF, ITBP and others would be brought in the scheme‚Ä(TM) says Richo.
    ‚Ä~Launching of website will help us to develop ourselves in technology of 21st century‚Ä(TM), said Karbak.
    He announced the introduction of Smart Card for the workers through which the workers will be directly paying the premium annually and get register as a member while it will be done through website. He also said that the Board is growing and the cess revenue, which was collected four lacs, have been grown up to many fold. The knowledge through website will certainly enrich the line Deptt and officials of the board to work more efficiently, and the initiative of chief minister Nabam Tuki will be visible to the people.
    MLA & Chairman (APEDA) Dikto Yeker, political advisor to CM Bamang Tago, Labour Commissioner Ojing Darang and Representative of different Deptt, board members were present.
    Amit Ray of Org India, Kolkata, gave the technical presentation.

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    13th I-D Cup kicked off at Likabali

    ITANAGAR , Aug 03, 2015: The 13th Independence Cup Football Tournament was kicked off at Likabali Chidu Chigo ground in West Siang district on Sunday amidst thunderous cheering.
    In all 16 teams including teams from Assam are taking part in the tourney, which had begun in 2003 and became an annual event being played to mark the Independence Day to promote games and sports.

    Liromoba MLA-cum- Arunachal Pradesh Building and Others Construction Workers Welfare Board chairman Nyamar Karbak, in their inaugural addresses, called upon the players to maintain sportsman spirit.
    Citing many distinct sports personalities in India, Karbak said that one should be dedicated and disciplined to become a successful sportsperson.
    Reflecting the GoAP‚Ä(TM)s mission to promote games and sports at rural level and encourage sports talented, Karbak urged the youths to make use of such platforms and reflect their hidden talents to excel. He advised them to avoid narcotic and drugs, terming it as health hazard and lead to different negative consequences.
    Karbak later announced Rs 5 lakh for infrastructural development of Chidu Chigo ground.
    Transport Parliamentary Secretary-cum-local MLA Jomde Kena, in his address urged the youths, especially sportspersons, to avail the 10% job quota for meritorious sportspersons.
    Both legislators later visited the under construction circuit house extension and urged the executing agency to ensure timely completion.
    Former Minister Kardu Taipodia, SDO Likabali and HoDs, among others, were present.

    Arunachal Karate team to participate in Japan

    ITANAGAR | Aug 03 |, Aug 03, 2015: A team of 6 Karate Players and 1 team Coach from Arunachal Pradesh will be representing Indian Team to participate in the forth coming Wado Kai World Karate-Do Championship 2015 to be held at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nogoya City, Japan.
    The karate Team will be leaving tomorrow to attend training Camp at New Delhi and further participate in Japan. Sensai Yorda Niki will accompany the team to Japan and play in senior category of 67 KG weight fight there.

    The Programme was organised by the Arunachal Wado Kai Karate Do Association at Tennis Court ground D Sector, Itanagar today. Arunachal Sports Authority Chairman Gora Makik lauded the initiative of Hon‚Ä(TM)ble Chief Minister Nabam Tuki for confirming 10 % seats reservation in Police & Forest Departments and 2 % in others departments of the state for recruitment of persons from the sports quota and many youths are now days participating in different sporting events in state.
    He wished them best of luck and asked them to play properly and bring glory to the state. ‚Ä~The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh under the dynamic leadership of Nabam Tuki will certainly give special award to the 1st winners and respect and honour will be given from the state, you will also get recognization from the masses. I bless you all‚Ä(TM), stated Makik.
    ‚Ä~I was the first Karate player from Arunachal Pradesh to represent India in Japan. Karate play in Japan in international level is very tough. You need not to be disheartened about this, but fight and bring what you can. Have confidence, offensive, and defensive tactic. Play for state and country. You will certainly win a medal. I wish you best of luck‚Ä(TM), greeted The Arunachal Wado Kai Karate Do association Sensai Likha Tara who was also present there.
    The participants are- Sensai Nanu Sangha, Sensai Dari Lokam, Sensai Dunun Miyu, Sensai Tajar Nilling, Juna Dada, Kambung Wangsa, Chief Instructor Sensai Yarda Niki.